Basket News – NBA

The NBA champions Golden State Warriors continue with their great winning streak. This time the Warriors managed to achieve an impressive 135-114 win over Philadelphia 76ers, once again using the third quarter of the game for creating a massive distance from their opponents.

The 36-21 in the third quarter was the decisive moment for the Warriors win in this game. For the champions it was a sixth straight victory, which once again puts them among the best teams in the league in terms of performance.

It was a great night for the superstar Kevin Durant, who returned in action after a successful recovery from an injury. Durant was not avaliable for selection on Wednesday, but against 76ers he returned with 29 points and looked great. He was 11-of-18 in terms of shooting, including three 3-pointers. He added up on his performance with five rebounds, four assists, two steals and two blocks for just 28 minutes of time, once again showing everyone what a great player he is.

Meanwhile Stephen Curry once again showed his usual consistence, scoring 22 points for his team’s win, including three 3-pointers. In the same time Klay Thompson also proved once again to be a extremely valuable player, adding up 23 points and scoring four times from the 3-point zone.

Now Golden State Warriors even managed to do something really special in their history. They have beaten their last six opponents by an average of 21.5 points. For a first time in the history of the NBA, Golden State Warriors are enjoying 6 straight wins by 15 points or more. An achievement which really shows us how good this team is. And why they will once again be the main favourite for winning the title after the playoffs begin.