Besiktas – Fenerbahce

Besiktas hosts Fenerbahce in a game №3 from the final playoff of the Turkish Super Ligi.

After the first two games being played, the result at the moment is 2-0 in favour of Fenerbahce. After winning the first match with 75-69, they repeated their strong performance just a few days later, recording a second win – 83-74.

If Besiktas want to stay in the tie, they really need to improve their performance and reduce their gap in the final playoff. Fenerbahce are the current champion in the Super Ligi and they the favourites to win the title for another year, but it doesn’t mean that Besiktas do not have a chance to overturn the tie.

In the Serbian Superleague Crvena Zvezda will have the chance to win the title. After winning the first final playoff game against FMP Beograd with 94-66, now they will have the opportunity to finish the job. If they record a second win against FMP Beograd, this will mean winning the championship for another year. And they are the clear favourite of doing so. It’s obvious that Crvena Zvezda are the best team in the Serbian Superleague at the moment.

In Italy’s Lega Basket Serie A, we are also very close to have a new champion. After eliminating the last year’s champion Emporio Armani Milano, Dolomiti Energia Trento are motivated to win the gold.

They managed to win the first final playoff game against Umana Reyer Venezia – 83-74, but in the second one Venezia managed to level the tie after a 79-64 win at home ground.

On Wednesday night Trento will have the first one of its two games at home. They started really good the final tie against Venezia, but in the second match they were reminded that it’s not going to be easy to become champions. Now Trento will have two games at home ground and they need to get the maximum of this.