Coronavirus: Premier League to lose 1 billion pounds

Just as it was expected, the English Premier League is set to lose a lot of money because of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the league’s chief executive Richard Masters, English football is set to suffer 1 billion pounds losses because of the virus.

As you know, the Premier League was stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s still not clear when the action would be restarted. According to many people, it’s entirely possible this season of the competition to be already over.

According to Richard Masters, English clubs must prepare for “further losses,” because it looks quite likely the situation to “deepens and extends” beyond this season.

The English FA chairman Greg Clarke also believes that English football is set to face some distraught times. He believes that some clubs could stop existing, being unable to survive economically. “There would be a little chance of resurrection for these clubs,” Clarke believes.

It’s still not entirely clear if clubs are going to impose pay cuts on their players. The Premier League already made a proposition for a 30% pay cut, but the Professional Footballers’ Association responded that it would harm the NHS. At this moment, players in the top division are negotiating individually as the collective talks broke down with no apparent result.

Meanwhile, the league leaders Liverpool decided to furlough their non-playing staff, but the Reds reversed their action after facing heavy criticism. At the same time, Richard Masters believe that clubs have the right to furlough their staff.

MP Julian Knights believe the opposite, though. He says that Liverpool made the right choice when they listened to the fans and reversed their decision to furlough the non-playing staff. He called out the Premier League clubs to “stop defending the indefensible,” talking about the furlough of the staff.

At this moment, the Premier League clubs continue to struggle as there is no income from tickets and matchday incomes. The FA chief executive Mark Bullingham admitted that right now, football is not the priority as people are dying on a daily basis, but they must do what they can in order to guarantee that football will survive the COVID-19 pandemic. “We face the danger of losing clubs and leagues,” Bullingham said.

At this moment, there are 68 clubs in England’s most elite three divisions. The former FA chief Brian Barwick believes it’s a matter of life and death right now. “I hope that when we come through this, we would still have 68 clubs left”.

In the Bundesliga, they are also worried about what’s about to happen in the near future. Bayern Munich’s manager Hansi Flick is concerned that there would be empty stadiums if the league continues in May. At this moment, the league is holding discussions with the club about what should happen. Around April 17, it’s expected to have a final decision. Bayern Munich is chasing their 8th straight title in the Bundesliga, but at this point, it’s still not clear if they’d have the chance to finish the job.