Soccer News – Almere City-Emmen

Almere City hosts Emmen in a match from the 31th round of the Dutch Eerste Divisie. Let’s have a look at this clash.

Almere City are currently 12th in the Eerste Divisie with 39 points won. They have a record of 11 wins, 6 draws and 13 defeats. In their last five matches Almere City are pretty terrible, conceding five losses in a row. Right now they are the team in the worst form in the Eerste Divisie.

Almere City had some chances to chase a promotion to the Eredivisie, but this awful run of results really put them in a worse positio than they previously were. As it looks now, Almere City could eventually improve their position in the league, but it’d be hard for them to do something more than this. A midtable finish would be a solid end of the season for Almere City.

Emmen on the other hand continue their fight for a Top 5 finish and a participation in the playoffs for promotion. They are currently 6th in the standings with 50 points, trailing on just one point behind the 5th PSV II. Right now Emmen have a record of 12 wins, 14 draws and 4 defeats. Despite of being 6th in the league, Emmen are the team with the less amount of losses in the Eerste Divisie at the moment.

In their last five games Emmen won once, lost once and made three draws. In their last game they made a 0-0 draw against Helmond Sport at home. It was dissapointing, because this is the type of games Emmen have to win in order to win promotion.

Emmen are a clear favourite against Almere City. They are chasing promotion, while Almere City are the team in the worst form in the league at this moment.