Soccer News – Koln-Bayern Munich

Koln hosts Bayern Munich in a match from the 33th round of the German Bundesliga. Let’s have a look at this match.

For Koln this game doesn’t mean anything anymore. Koln already lost its place in the Bundesliga. Right now they are 18th in the Bundesliga with just 22 points won so far. They have a record of 5 wins, 7 draws and 20 losses. In their last five games Koln made two draws and suffered three defeats.

Of course, playing against Bayern is always a matter of honour. You can be sure that Koln will try to do their best against Bayern. It’s a matter of prestige.

For Bayern Munich this is going to be a first match after the dissapointing 2-2 draw against Real Madrid at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. The Bavarians played a very good game against the European champion, but one goal separated them from participating in the Champions League final.

Let’s see what Jupp Heynckes is going to do with his starting line-up. It won’t be surprising if Heynckes gives rest to some of his key players. Bayern already won the title, so it won’t matter that much if Heynckes line up reserves and young players against Koln. Maybe exactly this is going to happen.

Bayern are the favourite here, of course. Even if they line up their B team. They did it against Eintracht Frankfurt in the previous round and they celebrated a 4-1 win at the Allianz Arena. It showed us that even Bayern’s B team is very strong.

This is our examination of the Bundesliga game between Koln and Bayern Munich. You know very well who’s the favourite here, but have in mind that Bayern Munich will line up a lot of their reserve and young players. This could mean a lot in this clash.