Soccer News – Real Madrid-Bayern Munich

Real Madrid hosts Bayern Munich in a second semifinal from the Champions League at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in the Spanish capital.

The Los Blancos have a healthy 2-1 advantage after the first match in Munich. The Spanish side was losing the game with 0-1 after a goal from Joshua Kimmich, but Marcelo and Marco Asencio turned the match in Real Madrid’s favour.

Now Bayern Munich are in a very difficult situation. They are losing with one goal to the European champion and they are visiting the legendary Bernabeu. If they want to reach the final, Jupp Heynckes’ boys must be really brilliant and flawless in the second leg.

Of course, now everybody is going to talk about the second match between Real Madrid and Juventus and what happened then. After losing the first game with 0-3, Juventus were considered doomed in the rematch. But just seconds before the end, Juve had a 3-0 lead at the Santiago Bernabeu.

This is a sign for Bayern Munich that their task is not impossibe. The Bavarians are giants in this sport and they won’t give up until they still have chances to reach the final.

Bayern Munich is trying to reach their first Champions League final since 2013. As for Real Madrid, the Los Blancos will try to win the competition for a third consecutive time, which will be once more a history rewritten by them.

It’d be curious to see what type of approach Bayern Munich will have in this match. Will they go “all out” in attack or maybe they will try to be more careful? The German side have to score at least twice in order to keep its chances of progressing. Meanwhile Real Madrid have the comfort to lead, but they shall also remember what happened against Juve.