Soccer News – Romania-Lithuania

The teams of Romania and Lithuania meet each other in the capital Bucuresti in a match from Group 4 of League C of the UEFA Nations League. Let’s take a look at this clash.

Romania are third in this group with 6 points won, but we have to point out that the first three teams in the group are separated by just 2 points. The leader Serbia have 8, the second Montenegro have 7 and the third Romania have 6. As you can see, a lot of different things could happen here, depending on the results.

Romania are unbeaten in this group so far. The Balkan team have a record of one win and three losess in the games played so far. Their only win came exactly against Lithuania, while against Serbia and Montenegro they made three draws in three games.

In their last match Romania made a 0-0 draw against Serbia at home. This was a success for them, taking into account that they played the whole second half with 10 men on the pitch and Serbia missed a penalty kick.

Lithuania are without a point in this group so far – 4 losses from 4 matches played. So far they have scored just 2 goals and conceded 9. Now it’s completely sure that Lithuania will relegate to League D for the next season of the Nations League. Their quality is just not the same as the other three teams in the group.

That’s our preview for the Nations League game between Romania and Lithuania in Bucuresti. Surely Romania are the big favourite here. It’s going to be very surprising if they fail to win this one. Romania need to win, because they fight for the first place in this group. Their only option in this game is winning.