Valencia – Real Madrid

Valencia Basket hosts Real Madrid in a third game from the Spain’s ACB Playoffs.

Real Madrid are the defending champions. They have won the regular season in the ACB, recording 30 wins and just 8 losses. They managed to finish ahead of Valencia Basket, who ended the campaign at 2nd place with 28 wins and 11 losses.

Now it’s time for these two teams to decide who will be champion.

At the moment it’s a 1-1 draw between these two teams in the final. Real Madrid won the first match in the capital, beating Valencia with 87-81.

Just two days after Valencia Basket recovered and once again levelled the result. The second game was once again played in Madrid, but it didn’t stop the away team from winning the match with 86-79. This was possible after a very strong 4th quarter by Valencia, in which they have won it with 25-15.

Now Valencia Basket will have the chance to play two times in a row at home. If they manage to win these two games in front of their fans, they will become champions. The last 5th match is going to be played in Madrid once again.

How these two teams reached the final game of the ACB playoffs?

The champion Real Madrid lost a game, but eliminated MoraBanc Andorra in the 1/4-finals. The 77-89 loss in the second game was surprising, but in the decisive third match The Los Blancos showed enough composure to win and go through.

In the 1/2-finals Real Madrid were much more merciless. The champions didn’t lose neither once against Unicaja, qualifying for the final after three consecutive wins.

As for Valencia Basket, in the 1/4-finals they met another one of the powerhouses in the Spanish basketball – Barcelona Lassa. After both team winning once, Valencia prevailed in the decisive third match, winning with 67 – 64.

In the 1/2-finals Valencia Basket also lost once, but won the series against Baskonia, beating them with 3-1.